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Our Mission


The Specialty Retail Association advocates for legislative and regulatory environments that promote innovation and ensure access to emerging product categories for adult consumers. Through strategic advocacy efforts, we strive to advance policies that uphold the specialty retail industry's ability to provide a diverse array of legal products.

Act Now!

Stop NC House Bill 900! This dangerous legislation will criminalize nearly everything on store shelves and empower the state to target innocent businesses. Hundreds of shops could be shuttered, impacting countless jobs and livelihoods. North Carolina's Attorney General has a history of aggressive action – remember the Juul lawsuit? We need your help to fight back.

Protect NC Hemp

Join the Cause

NC Bill 563 poses a serious threat to NC's hemp industry, endangering jobs and removing access to safe products. Stand with us to defend against burdens like the vape crackdown. Your donation makes a difference in safeguarding NC hemp.

Scientist in Greenhouse
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